Activities and services


Thirty years experience as an employee in world reality in terms of energy recovery, fume treatment plants, dealing specifically with steam boilers, diathermic oil, instantaneous steam generator and hot water boiler, treatment of VOCs and odors, by thermal oxidation.

I deal in complete autonomy of controls, repairs, ordinary and extraordinary operations, start-ups, working with: fire tubes boilers (low pressure), diathermic oil boilers up to 5 mw, recovery boilers up to 2t / 10 bar; superheated water up to 6 mw, hot air generators up to 800 kw, evaporators up to 2t / h 12 bar, steam accumulators and atmospheric and pressure gates.
Waste thermal and regenerative gaseous incineration plants and waste incineration with animal fat .

Instantaneous steam generator boilers hp up to 2t / h 40 bar; High performance smoke pipe boilers up to 30t / h 25 bar, both normal and with flame inversion; Water tube boilers up to 30 t / h 25 bar;Hot water boilers in flow rate regulation up to 30 mw and with safety logic 2 out of 3; Boilers with diathermic oil up to 15 mw (with atmospheric expansion vessel and under pressure). Evaporators up to 4t / h 12 bar; hp steam boilers (high pressure) up to 2t / h 40 bar;Heat recovery or exhaust gas boilers. Steam boilers (250 °). Atmospheric and pressure condensate tank and evaporators (2m3 / h 1,5 bar).

We offer our customers:

Piping supervision and analysis; repair and adjustment of machines, process control and use of machine tools. Basic analysis of feed waters demineralization softening and osmosis;

Coordination and management of the plant in start-up and management of extraordinary problems; determination of the times and costs of the materials necessary for the plants; verification of the correct construction of the plant from a mechanical point of view; verification of foreseen security and emissions;

Organization and management of courses for on-site personnel on product use and maintenance, training of technical personnel in English on how to carry out commissioning operations and troubleshooting;

Data analysis and codification collection and technical documentation drafting;

Automation of systems by PLC and system integrator;





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